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Dilbert Gives You the Business

Dilbert Gives You the Business Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2013-03-12
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449424112
File Size : 54.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 727
Read : 1128

Everyone who reads DILBERT and works in an office will appreciate this collection, Dilbert Gives You the Business. Creator Scott Adams tells it like it is through the insane business world inhabited by Dilbert. If frustration and lunacy are an inevitable part of your workday, appropriate measures must be taken immediately. Andrews McMeel has the perfect antidote to your workplace stress. Dilbert is universally recognized as the definitive source of office humor. What makes this 14th Dilbert book so unique is that it is a collection of the most popular strips requested by fans for reprints and downloads from gathered together. Arranged by topics for quick reference, this hilarious book is the comprehensive Dilbert source book, sure to alleviate work burnout. Packed within these colorful pages, fans will find all their favorite characters, including Dilbert, as he encounters daily issues from delegating to decision-making, trade shows to telecommuting, and downsizing to annoying coworkers. It's business as usual for the Dilbert clan. . . . Dilbert is continually updating his resume, Dogbert continues his pursuit of world domination, Wally strives to do the least amount of work possible, and Alice is eternally frustrated by the Boss. Welcome to the all-too-familiar world of Dilbert-the lowly engineer who has become an icon for oppressed and burntout workers everywhere! The most popular business-oriented cartoon in the world, Dilbert speaks to millions of fans who toil in the corporate trenches. No matter how outrageous a tale he spins, Dilbert creator Scott Adams inserts sufficient nuggets of truth in every strip to keep his believers laughing. In part, that's because Dilbert is based on his own former corporate experiences-and is kept current by culling inspiration from the 350-plus E-mails he receives each day. Keep Dilbert Gives You the Business close at hand-as you would your phone book, Internet diversion tool, browser, and any other work.

What Would Wally Do?

What Would Wally Do? Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2006-06
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 0740757695
File Size : 28.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 116
Read : 372

Collects cartoons from the comic strip "Dilbert" that feature Dilbert's coworker Wally, whose goal is to be one of the worst employees in the company.

Freedom's Just Another Word for People Finding Out You're Useless

Freedom's Just Another Word for People Finding Out You're Useless Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2011-08-01
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449417957
File Size : 59.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 917
Read : 365

No office can function without a little humor and craziness. Adams turns mundane office issues into excruciatingly funny office moments. In Freedom's Just Another Word for People Finding Out You're Useless, fans get a hilarious collection of great Dilbert strips that are anything but useless. From office politics and reams of red tape, to mayhem due to new technologies and, of course, the crazy cast of co-workers, Dilbert gets it done.

Teamwork Means You Can't Pick the Side that's Right

Teamwork Means You Can't Pick the Side that's Right Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2012-04-17
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449422411
File Size : 74.59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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He's the icon of millions of corporate workers, the most popular cubicle dweller on this planet. He spends his days in endless meetings with incompetent supervisors, performing perfunctory tasks mixed with the occasional team-building, brainstorming, or management fad-of-the-day session. He has entertained us for more than two decades: He's Dilbert. Created in 1989 by Adams, in his own cubicle as a doodle distraction, Dilbert has found a home in the workplace, this generation's home away from home. Adams amuses readers with his portrayal of the absurdities of this environment with unfailing accuracy and precision. As readers of more than 2,000 newspapers, millions of books, and the newly revamped site know, the familiar mouthless character with the upturned tie, his dog, Dogbert, the pointy-haired Boss, over-achieving Alice and underachieving Wally, Human Resources director Catbert, depict a world that's all too easy to recognize, complete with shrinking cubicles, clueless co-workers, focus groups and ill-conceived management concepts. In this all-new chronological collection, Adams further exploits the fodder of workaday life, making even the most cynical cubicle dweller laugh at our shared, absurd work lives.

Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify

Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2011-08-16
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449415075
File Size : 80.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 113
Read : 989

Inside Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify, Adams tackles the subjects of Elbonian slave labor, faulty product recalls, less-than-anonymous employee surveys, and more. If you've ever looked among your co-workers and thought, "I hope feral cats eat every one of you," or briefly celebrated a well-deserved promotion only to realize that the word "promotion" now means that you're responsible for doing two jobs for the price of one, then chances are you find the corporate cubicle culture represented inside Dilbert alive and well inside your own work environment--and that's exactly what makes Dilbert so topical and funny. From Dilbert's invention of a portable brain scanner (with a popcorn microwave option) to his moonlighting as a professional corporate crime scene cleaner, Your Accomplishments Are Suspiciously Hard to Verify chronicles pointless projects, interminable meetings, and ill-conceived office policies one Dilbert strip at a time.

Problem Identified

Problem Identified Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2011-07-29
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449417825
File Size : 40.22 MB
Format : PDF
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In Problem Identified: And You're Probably Not Part of the Solution, cartoonist Scott Adams affectionately ridicules inept office colleagues--those co-workers behind the pointless projects, interminable meetings, and ill-conceived "downsizings"--in this thematically linked collection of Dilbert comic strips. Dilbert, the benchmark of office humors, continues to use its considerable powers of humor for the greater good, helping us to fight the good fight at work despite those around us whose job descriptions seem to include undercutting morale and generally doing everything possible to lead us into economic ruin.

Cubes and Punishment

Cubes and Punishment Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2011-07-26
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449417779
File Size : 36.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 834
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My cube is sucking the life force out of me." --Dilbert In Cubes and Punishment: A Dilbert Book, Dilbert sardonically skewers the Dostoevskian sense of despair and anxiety that corporate life breeds. And nowhere is this sense more alive than in the desolation of the cubicle. In Dilbert's world, cubicle dwellers are relegated to everything from the half-size intern cubicle to the patented head cubicle and are even sentenced to adopt and decorate empty cubicles. * Dilbert continues to be the voice for the embattled cubicle-dwelling Everyman. With best-friend Dogbert, and a veritable who's who in accompanying office characters ranging from the Boss and Wally to Alice and Catbert, Dilbert offers a welcome dose of laughter in response to the inanity of corporate culture and middle-management mores.

When Body Language Goes Bad

When Body Language Goes Bad Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2003-03-02
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 9780740732980
File Size : 40.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 462
Read : 832

A collection of "Dilbert" cartoons presents another look at life in a large company as workers cope with meetings, their boss, foolish manangement directives, budget problems, and other common workplace situations.

God's Debris

God's Debris Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2004-09
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 9780740747878
File Size : 71.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 786
Read : 247

In God's Debris, best-selling author and creator of Dilbert Scott Adams fashioned a thought-provoking exploration of life's great mysteries (everything from quantum physics and God to psychic phenomena and dating) that quickly captured the attention and imaginations of readers everywhere. The intriguing story of a deliveryman who meets the world's smartest person and learns the secret of reality is threaded with a variety of hypnosis techniques that Adams, a certified hypnotist, used to induce a feeling of euphoric enlightenment in readers to mirror the main character's feelings as he discovers the true nature of the universe.Launched to coincide with the hardcover publication of its sequel, The Religion War (see opposite page), this first paperback edition of God's Debris will soon make the leap to a broader audience. As Adams designed it, the book will "make your brain spin around inside your skull" and drive readers toward The Religion War as they seek to confirm or deny the dizzying impressions and chaotic memories of reading God's Debris.The book provides one of the most compelling visions of reality ever experienced on the printed page. Along the way, readers will enjoy the Thought Experiment: Trying to discover what's wrong with the sage's explanation of reality. This is a book, as Adams says, to be shared and savored with smart friends.

Excuse Me While I Wag

Excuse Me While I Wag Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2012-04-10
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 1449424244
File Size : 22.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 272
Read : 1035

Cubicle-dwelling business people the world over have been knowingly nodding, faithfully push-pinning their favorite strips to their cube walls, and--most of all--belly laughing out loud ever since Dilbert first arrived on the scene. In this collection, Excuse Me While I Wag, Dilbert and his look-alike dog, Dogbert, once again provide comic relief to anyone who has ever had to inhabit a cubicle, endure an "initiative of the week," or simply work in an office that has, on occasion, caused them to pull out large clumps of their hair. Scott Adams' dead-on humor in Excuse Me While I Wag is sure to satisfy the hordes of fans worldwide who avidly follow the misadventures of Dilbert, Dogbert, Catbert, Ratbert, the pointy-haired boss, and the rest of the cast of characters in Dilbert's world--a world that's eerily like the one we work in daily.

The Door

The Door Author :
Release : 1999
Publisher :
File Size : 36.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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International Journal of Comic Art

International Journal of Comic Art Author :
Release : 2009
Publisher :
File Size : 60.89 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 102
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All Dressed Down And Nowhere To Go

All Dressed Down And Nowhere To Go Author : Scott Adams
Release : 2002-04-01
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN : 9780740729317
File Size : 56.94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 480
Read : 905

American Newspaper Comics

American Newspaper Comics Author : Allan Holtz
Release : 2012
Publisher :
File Size : 81.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 757
Read : 1247

The most comprehensive guide to U.S. newspaper comics ever published


Business Author : 布卢姆斯伯里出版公司
Release : 2003
Publisher : 中信出版社
ISBN : 9787800736599
File Size : 79.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 915
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Books in Print

Books in Print Author :
Release : 2002
Publisher :
File Size : 35.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 370
Read : 390

Making Great Decisions in Business and Life

Making Great Decisions in Business and Life Author : David R. Henderson
Release : 2006
Publisher : Chicago Park Press
ISBN : 0976854104
File Size : 69.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 499
Read : 413

The phrase "work smarter, not harder" has been repeatedly ridiculed in the Dilbert comic strip and elsewhere, not because it is a bad idea, but because it is thrown like a brick lifesaver to drowning employees. To tell someone to work smarter is like telling someone to be happier, healthier, and richer. It's not much help to merely repeat the objective; what people need is a plan for achieving the objective.In Making Great Decisions, we show our readers how to achieve their objectives. We write to help those in business and those in the business of life--i.e., everyone--to work smarter. Our ideas are both simple and powerful. We offer a better way to look at problems so that the solutions are easier to find. We help supplement our readers' clear thinking by summarizing some of the most powerful techniques we have discovered.Have you ever driven through corn country? From a distance, all you see are corn stalks and more corn stalks in a jumbled mess. Then suddenly, when you get closer, your perspective changes, and you can see down the rows and realize that the corn was planted perfectly in straight lines. Your perception of the crop changes from a messy jumble to a clear picture simply because you're in the right spot. This book puts readers in that ideal spot. So many problems seem like hopeless jumbles but then, when you start using the techniques we discuss here, they start to look as straightforward as the straightest line in an Iowa cornfield.What motivated us to write this book is that, over the years, both of us have regularly come across people in organizations--often bright people with MBAs or other graduate degrees--who don't think they have time, energy, or skills to make good decisions. They have many clues but don't know how to put them together. They regularly face situations that they could analyze with some of the tools they learned in their courses, but they don't realize that. We don't hold ourselves apart from this group, and stories of our successes and failures are sprinkled throughout Making Great Decisions in Business and Life.

Skyways for Business

Skyways for Business Author :
Release : 1953
Publisher :
File Size : 90.91 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 121
Read : 576

PC World

PC World Author :
Release : 1995
Publisher :
File Size : 28.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 453
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