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The Lost Books of Merlyn

The Lost Books of Merlyn Author : Douglas Monroe
Release : 1998
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN : 9781567184716
File Size : 90.99 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 720
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If you're involved in any form of Celtic Wicca or Witchcraft, or if you just want to know more about the ancient Celtic Priests, the Druids, you need The Lost Books of Merlyn by Douglas Monroe. But you're not the only one who wanted this book. After his first book appeared, he received over 20,000 letters asking for more! That's the purpose of this book. The Lost Books of Merlyn is a series of writings which have come down to us as attributed through the pen of Merlyn, or ? more precisely ? as having originally been in his keeping. Merlyn (upon whom the mythical Merlin was based) was a Druid, and the Druids were the priest-priest-initiators of their people. So this book is a reconstruction of the ancient philosophy, beliefs, and methods for personal transformation you can use today. The book is composed of three parts, each one based on old Celtic legends, in the form of a story. Why was it written that way? "Because that is the way the Druids, the Celts, would have done it ? that is the way they taught." The three sections are "The Battle of the Trees," "The Book of Pheryllt," and "The Gorchan of Maeldrew." When these stories were originally told, the people knew the meanings of their symbolism. Not so, today. Therefore, at the end of each section is a grimoire explaining the meanings and, at the same time, sharing rituals, oracles, and magical methods. You'll learn about tree oracles, Celtic signs of power, and the Druidic pantheon of deities. You'll discover how to contact Faery folk, the power of words, and charms of protection. Revealed, too, is how to make and use dowsing rods to find ley lines, and the secrets of magical dance and music. Also, you'll find out the secrets of the "Charm of Making" and the proof that it was ancient before it was popularized in a movie. This just barely scratches the surface of the book. You'll find that the wisdom here will touch you and help you on your path. Read it and learn.

The Druid Magic Handbook

The Druid Magic Handbook Author : John Michael Greer
Release : 2008-02-01
Publisher : Weiser Books
ISBN : 9781609251512
File Size : 40.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 796
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The first and only Druidic book of spells, rituals, and practice. The Druid Magic Handbook is the first manual of magical practice in Druidry, one of the fastest growing branches of the Pagan movement. The book breaks new ground, teaching Druids how to practice ritual magic for practical and spiritual goals within their own tradition. What sets The Druid Magic Handbook apart is that it does not require the reader to use a particular pantheon or set of symbols. Although it presents one drawn from Welsh Druid tradition, it also shows the reader how to adapt rites and other practices to fit the deities and symbols most meaningful to them. This cutting edge system of ritual magic can be used by Druids, Pagans, Christians, and Thelemites alike! This is the first manual of Druidic magical practice ever, replete with spell work and rituals.

Druid Magic

Druid Magic Author : Maya Magee Sutton
Release : 2000
Publisher : University of Hawaii Press
ISBN : 9781567184815
File Size : 60.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Perhaps the most mystical, magical people ever known were the Druids. They were wizards, storytellers, teachers and spiritual leaders. They were attuned to the Earth and the Sun. And they were very powerful. ouldn''t it be amazing if you could be a Druid? Now you can with the secrets revealed in Druid Magick. This book presents everything you need to know to become a Druid and even start your own Druid "Grove" (the name of a Druid group). You''ll learn about the Druid''s tools - the sickle, wand, cord and more - and how to make and use them. You''ll discover all of the beliefs the Druids hold, including the emphasis on honor and ethics. You''ll learn how a Druid sees the Divine in everything and how even sex can be sacred. And of course you''ll learn the secrets of the magic of the Druids. You''ll learn how to do protection spells and how to use magic to find missing items. You''ll learn how you can visit other "worlds" or levels of reality. You''ll even learn how to do shapeshifting and experience the world as an animal! Are you having a mental block? With this book you''ll learn how to tap into the creativity that was a hallmark of the Druids. You''ll be able to write, draw, write or perform music with much greater ease and depth than ever before. Become a Druid can bring you all this and more! Druidry is far more than historic Celtic leadership. It is a living, growing, spiritual tradition that can bring you more self-assurance and self-development than you''ve ever had before. Jump out of the ordinary! Try something new to bring that spark back into your life. Discover the secrets of Druid Magic. Winner of the 2001 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) Award for best Magic Book

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn Author : Douglas Monroe
Release : 2002-02
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN : 9780875424965
File Size : 36.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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King Arthur would get advice from his magician, Merlyn, in the mythic stories. The real Arthur (who lived over 500 years before the period of the mythic Arthur) was trained by a Druid bard and poet named Merlyn. The result was an unprecedented period of peace that lasted for twenty years. In Douglas Monroe's The 21 Lessons of Merlyn, you'll read delightful stories based on the historic Arthur and Merlyn. Each one is followed by lessons based on the never-before-published 16th century manuscript entitled The Book of Pheryllt. In a metaphoric sense, you'll see how Arthur learned his lessons. In a practical sense, you be learning the same sort of lessons that Arthur may have learned. This is truly a complete course in authentic Celtic Druidism and magick. Filled with lore, philosophy, wisdom, rituals, and more, you'll be able to apply many of these concepts to improve your life. If you are looking for accurate information, this is the place to start! Douglas Monroe has studied magick since he was ten years old and has taught in the United States, Britain, and South America, and is the founder of the New Forest Centre for Magickal Studies. His own illustrations and charts fill the book and clarify the deep teachings of the ancient Druids. From learning about Stonehenge to the Rite of the 3 Rays for protective purification; from learning the four herbs that will aid in conserving male sexual energy to discovering the secrets of calling the Dragon (the power of the ley lines); this book is like a full course meal in a cafeteria of magick. If you are really interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the real tradition of the Druids — what they believed, what they practiced and how to incorporate it into your life — then join with 120,000 other people. Get this book today!

Druid Magic (Druid Academy Book 1)

Druid Magic (Druid Academy Book 1) Author : C. S. Churton
Release : 2019-12-05
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781672017282
File Size : 84.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Lyssa wanted one get accepted to college.The letter she gets changes her life in ways she can't believe.At 18, Lyssa's days are pretty normal. Get up, eat, and stress about what's next. Lyssa's friends know where they're going to school and she's desperate to go to university. The only acceptance letter she gets seems like a cruel joke.What is the Dragondale Academy of Druidic Magic?It can't be real.At Dragondale, they take only the brightest students with the most potential. She doesn't fit in at all, but does make two friends, Sam and Kelsey. They make life at school better.Lyssa is determined to prove herself. It won't be easy. As she learns about her powers, a few oddities catch her eye.Where does Kelsey keep disappearing to?What's going on with the cat who's always hanging around?There's one secret, though, she can't figure out. Why does it seem that the professors are hiding something?You'll love this Academy fantasy, because of the twist, turns, and magical surprises.Get it now.

The Druid Of Shannara

The Druid Of Shannara Author : Terry Brooks
Release : 2012-02-23
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1405515708
File Size : 25.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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***50 MILLION TERRY BROOKS COPIES SOLD AROUND THE WORLD*** THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES IS NOW A MAJOR TV SERIES 'Terry's place is at the head of the fantasy world' Philip Pullman To the scions of Shannara have fallen three tasks: Par Ohmsford has recovered the fabled Sword of Shannara. This he has accomplished, but the Federation's Chief Seeker has planted an awful thought in Par's mind - that he himself is Shadowen, the very evil he seeks to destroy. Wren is in the Westland, seeking out the elves. And in the Northland. . . Walker Boh has been commanded by the shade of Allanon to find the lost city of Paranor and recreate the Order of Druids, disbanded for three hundred years. To achieve this he must find the Black Elfstone, but the gem is in the hands of an ancient being of timeless evil - the Stone King. Beset on all sides by enemies, and from within by his own self-doubt, Walker Boh sets out on his part of the perilous quest. A quest that will end in success - or the complete destruction of all he holds dear. Praise for Terry Brooks: 'A master of the craft . . . required reading' Brent Weeks 'I can't even begin to count how many of Terry Brooks's books I've read (and re-read) over the years' Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind 'I would not be writing epic fantasy today if not for Shannara' Peter V. Brett, author of The Painted Man 'If you haven't read Terry Brooks, you haven't read fantasy' Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon The Heritage of Shannara series: THE SCIONS OF SHANNARA THE DRUID OF SHANNARA THE ELF QUEEN OF SHANNARA THE TALISMANS OF SHANNARA

The High Druid of Shannara Trilogy

The High Druid of Shannara Trilogy Author : Terry Brooks
Release : 2011-10-25
Publisher : Del Rey
ISBN : 0345531299
File Size : 28.3 MB
Format : PDF
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The complete three-book series In one handsome collector’s edition hardcover, here are all three novels that comprise Terry Brooks’s bestselling High Druid of Shannara trilogy—Jarka Ruus, Tanequil, and Straken. These thrilling novels demonstrate this acclaimed author’s magic of invention and mastery of storytelling. Twenty years have passed since Grianne Ohmsford denounced her former life as the dreaded Ilse Witch. Fulfilling the destiny predicted for her, she has established the Third Druid Council and dedicated herself to its goals of peace and defense of the Four Lands. But the intrigue, treachery, and sinister deeds that have haunted Druid history for generations continue to thrive. And despite her devotion to the greater good as Ard Rhys, the High Druid of Paranor, Grianne still has bitter enemies who will stop at nothing to see her deposed—or destroyed. As wicked plots are hatched, the Ard Rhys suddenly disappears in the dead of night and without a trace. Now, barely a step ahead of the malevolent forces at work, Grianne’s brave nephew, Pen Ohmsford, embarks on a dangerous mission to find and deliver the High Druid of Shannara from wherever she may be held. With no shortage of adventure, exhilaration, suspense, and enchantment, the High Druid of Shannara trilogy proves why Terry Brooks is one of the most beloved fantasy authors of all time.

Druid Craft Tarot

Druid Craft Tarot Author : Philip Carr-Gomm
Release : 2004-09
Publisher : Connections Book Publishing
ISBN : 9781859061442
File Size : 53.53 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 299
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Here, for the first time, is a tarot that combines the two fundamental spiritualities of Nature - Wicca and Druidry - and reflects the explosion of interest in the western magical traditional and paganism. This is a full deck of 78 cards, each a superb work of art, with a text by prominent authors.

A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine

A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine Author : Ellen Evert Hopman
Release : 2008-06-09
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 1594777241
File Size : 45.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 854
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An in-depth look at the history, herbal uses, and spiritual aspects of the sacred trees in the ancient Celtic Ogham Tree Alphabet • Details the 20 trees of the ogham alphabet and their therapeutic and magical virtues • Examines the Forest Druid practices associated with each tree as well as the traditional uses in Native American medicine • Describes the Celtic Fire Festivals and how each tree is featured in these holy days • By the author of A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year The Druids used the ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet to work magic and honor the dead, surrounding each letter with medicinal and spiritual lore. Poets and bards created a secret sign language to describe the letters, each of which is named for a tree or a plant. For centuries this language was transmitted only orally in order to protect its secrets. Combining her extensive herbal knowledge and keen poetic insight, Ellen Evert Hopman delves deeply into the historic allusions and associations of each of the 20 letters of the Ogham Tree Alphabet. She also examines Native American healing methods for possible clues to the way ancient Europeans may have used these trees as healing agents. Druidic spiritual practices, herbal healing remedies, and plant lore are included for each tree in the alphabet as well as how each is used in traditional rituals such as the Celtic Fire Festivals and other celebrations. Hopman also includes a pronunciation guide for the oghams and information on the divinatory meanings associated with each tree.

Druid Power

Druid Power Author : Amber Wolfe
Release : 2004
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN : 9780738705880
File Size : 58.35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 572
Read : 451

Call forth dragons and feel the ancient songs of the Celts stirring in your blood. Access the deep wisdom of the Druidic orders and reclaim the Elemental gifts of the Otherworld. Become a spiritual warrior of the Celtic Craft-a Dragon-Rider. The dragon is a symbolic representation of the alchemist's or magician's works of power. Druid Power presents techniques for self-transformation through Celtic faerie craft and Elemental magic. Rich with mythological information and psychological insight, this innovative guide bridges ancient Celtic Druidic Tradition with modern transpersonal psychology. Reawaken your connection to the magick of the natural world through traditional ceremonies, guided journeys, and unique exercises that lead to a direct connection with the Elemental forces of Nature. Experience the strength and purity of fire, the emotional alchemy of water, the profound reality of earth, the awareness of air, and the transcendent mystery of spirit. Enter the realm of myth where magick and the mundane blend. Druid Power is your guide to finding your way to the Otherworld and back again-richer, wiser, healed, and whole.

Celtic Tree Magic

Celtic Tree Magic Author : Danu Forest
Release : 2014
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide Limited
ISBN : 9780738741017
File Size : 87.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 640
Read : 456

Explore the powerful magic of the twenty-five trees in the ogham tradition. Enrich your spiritual practice with authentic Celtic wisdom and practical techniques. Written by a Druid witch and Celtic shaman, Celtic Tree Magic shows you how to: • Practice ogham divination, charms, and spells • Work with each tree's magical correspondences and healing attributes • Make salves, tinctures, ointments, and green crafts • Find tree spirit allies in nature and the otherworld • Fashion wands and other magical tools With exercises, hands-on tips, and an accessible exploration of folklore and myth, this lovely and lyrical handbook provides practical skills and deeper understandings for beginners and intermediate practitioners. Praise: “A trusted and guiding hand through the Celtic forests of wisdom and magic.”—Kristoffer Hughes, author of The Book of Celtic Magic and founder of the Anglesey Druid Order “This lovely work offers a truly experiential journey . . . It offers the reader a richer understanding of nature and self.”—Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and author of Druid Mysteries “Danu Forest has made masterful use of the original sources . . . I heartily commend this book.”—Nicholas R. Mann, author of Druid Magic

The Mysteries of Merlin

The Mysteries of Merlin Author : John Michael Greer
Release : 2020-05-08
Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN : 0738759678
File Size : 25.73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 502
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This innovative system of self-initiation into ceremonial magic provides Druids with powerful rituals based on the life stages of the great magician Merlin. Featuring eight full ceremonial workings to perform throughout the year, this impressive guide deepens your spirituality and connects you to mysteries passed down across the ages. John Michael Greer presents a wealth of information on Merlin's life and myths as well as ancient initiations and how they intertwined with Celtic deities. Even if you have no experience with Druid magic, this book's detailed instructions make it easy to start your journey or enhance your spiritual path in exciting ways. By marrying ceremonial magic with the legend of Merlin, this vital work unlocks ancient wisdom for the modern magician.

The High Druid's Blade

The High Druid's Blade Author : Terry Brooks
Release : 2014-07-08
Publisher : Hachette UK
ISBN : 1405522119
File Size : 26.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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***50 MILLION TERRY BROOKS COPIES SOLD AROUND THE WORLD*** THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES IS NOW A MAJOR TV SERIES 'Terry's place is at the head of the fantasy world' Philip Pullman SECRETS REVEALED. POWERS UNLEASHED. A LEGEND IN THE MAKING . . . It is said that Paxon Leah is descended from the royals and warriors who once waged war with magical weapons. But those heroes are long gone now, and there is nothing enchanted about the antique sword that hangs above Paxon's fireplace. Little does Paxon know though, that extraordinary circumstances are about to overturn his simple world . . . and rewrite his destiny. Praise for Terry Brooks: 'A master of the craft . . . required reading' Brent Weeks 'I can't even begin to count how many of Terry Brooks's books I've read (and re-read) over the years' Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind 'I would not be writing epic fantasy today if not for Shannara' Peter V. Brett, author of The Painted Man 'If you haven't read Terry Brooks, you haven't read fantasy' Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon The Defenders of Shannara: THE HIGH DRUID'S BLADE THE DARKLING CHILD THE SORCERER'S DAUGHTER

Celtic Plant Magic

Celtic Plant Magic Author : Jon G. Hughes
Release : 2003-02-10
Publisher : Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
ISBN : 9780892819249
File Size : 74.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 792
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This is the first working guide to the creation and application of plant-based compounds for magical and healing purposes as well as Celtic Sex rituals based on the Druidic tradition.

Druidcraft: The Magic of Wicca and Druidry

Druidcraft: The Magic of Wicca and Druidry Author : Philip Carr-Gomm
Release : 2014-03-27
Publisher : HarperCollins UK
ISBN : 0007555830
File Size : 65.95 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 212
Read : 1187

Druidry and Wicca, also known as "the Craft", are the two great streams of the Western Pagan tradition. Both traditions originated in the British Isles, and both are now experiencing a renaissance all over the world, as more and more people seek a spirituality rooted in a love of nature.

Druid of the Eight Order

Druid of the Eight Order Author : keith b gaydon
Release : 2012-08-17
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1479701122
File Size : 76.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 667
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Standing watch at the sacrificial altar in Britain, the lone Druid priest watched the storm build up around him. It was the summer Equinox, and the fullest full moon he had ever seen. Hed been waiting for what seemed hours within the ring of monolithic rocks, feeling the power of the storm grow. With each bolt of lightning, the force of energy contained inside the altar seemed to double in strength. The young Druid could see the flow of blue fire, as it passed from upright column to the next. A ring of horrendous force beyond anything he has ever seen. Being an Eight level master but only twenty-five years old, he hadnt had much time to do anything. Hed been tutored by the last of the great masters, all Level twelves, as well as being well past the hundred-year mark! They stood facing him now, their backs to each of the tall support posts. One for each of the twelve massive blocks of granite, which made up the druidical circle they now, stood in.

The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain

The Magic Arts in Celtic Britain Author : Lewis Spence
Release : 1999-01-01
Publisher : Courier Corporation
ISBN : 9780486404479
File Size : 33.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 405
Read : 513

Fascinating, painstakingly researched study of occult beliefs and practices in Celtic Britain, with intriguing discussions of the origins of the Druids, Arthurian cults, the mystery of the Holy Grail, Celtic spells and charms, black magic, the Celtic spirit world — with its populations of banshees, leprechauns, brownies and a host of lesser phantoms — and many other topics. A compelling, erudite study that will appeal to anthropologists, folklorists, and anyone interested in the customs and spiritual life of Britain's ancient Celts.

Druid Magic

Druid Magic Author : Jane Stain
Release : 2018-04-28
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781980951858
File Size : 75.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 354
Read : 1140

Twin Scottish brothers do time-travel errands for DruidsTavish was the best boyfriend Kelsey ever had, but seven years ago he disappeared. She coped with her heartbreak by finishing her doctorate in Celtic Artwork, and now her career is taking off. Except Tavish keeps showing up at her job sites and butting into her business - all the while wearing that stupid sexy kilt. But she's here to see the ruins, not Tavish. So she'll just have to show him who's boss at this site. Because under these cliffs at Dunskey Castle it is rumored lies the ancient palace of the kings of Alba (Scotland). Gggrr. Why does he seem to know more about it than she does?With her new doctorate in Celtic Archaeology, Sasha just got her dream job at a dig in the highlands of Scotland. Where her friends ply her with celebratory champagne, throw a plaid cloak over her business suit, and take her to the 14th century to do original research on the dig site. She meets gorgeous highlander Seumas there, and -- wait, is this a good idea?A call from an old friend stirred up feelings Amber thought she had buried years ago. Kelsey wanted help at a dig under an old Scottish castle. Tomas's twin brother would be there, so wouldn't Tomas be there sometimes, too? Amber didn't jinx it by asking Kelsey that. Nope, she just got on the next flight. Each of these stories is a complete sweet Scottish romance with time travel and a happily ever after HEA ending for that book's couple. Scots dialect is used to stand in for Gaelic throughout. The dialect has been toned down, but it still is a bit challenging at first. Many readers love the dialect as something special about Jane Stain's books. Previously published as books one through three in the Dunskey Castle Series.

A Druid's Tale

A Druid's Tale Author : Cat Treadwell
Release : 2012-06-29
Publisher : John Hunt Publishing
ISBN : 1780991142
File Size : 80.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 824
Read : 721

What do people think of when they hear the word Druidry? The real questions, not questions about the old men in white robes stereotypes. What makes a Druid? What do they do? Having been a practising Druid for over ten years, Cat Treadwell wondered too. Asked to present a talk at a national Pagan Festival, and unsure exactly what the audience would want to hear, she started a blog, asking friends and colleagues (Muggle and Pagan) what they would like to know about the Druid Path. Two years later, they are still asking. This book answers some of those questions. Cat has compiled and expanded on the common queries (So, do you worship the sun?) as well as the day-to-day aspects of Druidry as a lived path. She reveals how Druidry is constantly evolving to be relevant and accessible in the modern world.