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Sarah's Sin

Sarah's Sin Author : Tami Hoag
Release : 2009-02-19
Publisher : Fanfare
ISBN : 9780307497697
File Size : 72.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From award-winning author Tami Hoag comes a warm, moving story of two cultures in conflict and two hearts in love. Matt Thorne had come to his sister's rural inn to recover from an injury far from the city and his fast-paced life as an emergency room physician. Drifting between sleep and waking, Matt didn't trust his eyes when he saw the young woman who sat at his bedside in her plain cotton dress and apron, her chestnut hair tucked demurely beneath a white bonnet, like a beautiful vision from the past century. Sarah Troyer had been warned about the womanizing Dr. Throne, but nothing prepared her for the shiver of desire that shook her to her core when she gazed at him. Though her life was bound by the simple Amish way, Sarah had always longed for the world outside. Her job at the inn already branded her as a rebel in her community, and falling in love with a stranger would mean the loss of her family and the only life she knew. Yet something sparked within her with every touch of his hand, each glance from his dark eyes. Sarah was willing to allow herself a brief, secret adventure in the arms of a forbidden man. But she hadn't counted on Matt's passionate love—a love that would not let go, a love that could cost them both everything they knew.... From the Paperback edition.

The Tent and the Altar

The Tent and the Altar Author : John Cumming
Release : 1854
Publisher :
File Size : 24.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sarah?s Journey of Faith

Sarah?s Journey of Faith Author : Sarah Liu
Release : 2014-03
Publisher : WestBow Press
ISBN : 149082619X
File Size : 76.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Life abounds with crises, disappointments, mundane routines, and some very joyful moments. Everything that happens has a cause. We often don't take time to reflect on purposes, or we simply explain events away with simplistic explanations of either good or bad luck. Totally unaware of real causes behind life events, we easily move on to the next day, the next week, and the next year. In a gentle way, Sarah Liu leads the reader on a walk through events from her childhood in China and shows the handprint of God on these vignettes of her life. As she reflects on what God accomplished through joys, crises, disappointments, and ordinary family life, she invites readers to reflect on their own life experiences to detect the hand of God. Her conviction that God selects and covers with grace regardless of man's perceptions runs throughout her stories and provides encouragement and inspiring faith and trust. This book provides encouragement for anyone praying for a loved one to come to God, but also provides rich inspiration for those with pressing questions about the meaning and purpose of life's crises and disappointments. Parents, pastors, ministers, teachers, and leaders would be inspired by this devotional written from a genuine passion to explore God's present action in life's daily events.

Scripture Readings

Scripture Readings Author : John Cumming
Release : 1854
Publisher :
File Size : 22.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Where Sin Abounds

Where Sin Abounds Author : Robert R. Gonzales Jr.
Release : 2010-01-01
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 1725244993
File Size : 87.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nearly all scholars divide Genesis into primeval and patriarchal history, though they debate the precise point of division. One reason advanced to justify the division is a thematic shift. In primeval history, the narrator focuses on the origin and spread of sin, as well as God's consequent curse and judgment on humanity. In patriarchal history, however, the spread of sin theme falls off the radar of most scholars. But these analyses of the primeval and patriarchal narratives are simplistic and inaccurate. In fact, the theme of human sin and the divine curse not only serve as the main themes of the Fall narrative, but they also continue to function as major themes in both the primeval and patriarchal narratives that follow. More particularly, human sin appears to increase at both individual and societal levels. Moreover, just as the primordial sin threatened to derail the advance of God's kingdom and fulfillment of the creation mandate, so the spread of human sin in postlapsarian history threatens to thwart God's redemptive plan, which consists in the restoration of his original creational intentions for divine and human eschatological fullness. This proves true even in the patriarchal narratives where the sins of God's chosen often threaten the very promise intended for their ultimate good. These facts, which the author attempts to demonstrate in the monograph, not only have important ramifications for the unity of the Genesis corpus, but they also have important implications for the doctrines of sin, justification, and sanctification.

When a Lie Is Not a Sin

When a Lie Is Not a Sin Author : Rabbi Dennis S. Ross
Release : 2016-04-22
Publisher : Jewish Lights Publishing
ISBN : 1580238580
File Size : 79.92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Is omitting the truth the same as lying? Why is lying OK when life is at stake? This provocative yet compassionate look at religion and truthfulness draws on the Hebrew Bible to address ethical decision making and distinctions surrounding common but complicated personal situations.

Sarah's Christmas Miracle

Sarah's Christmas Miracle Author : Mary Ellis
Release : 2010-08-01
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
ISBN : 0736938214
File Size : 83.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the bestselling author of A Widow’s Hope and Never Far from Home comes a brand-new Amish novella that will add joy to the Christmas season. Sarah Beachy has plenty to be joyous about as autumn leaves start to fall. She loves her job at the English bed-and-breakfast where she cooks and refreshes rooms between guests. She has a serious beau, and everyone expects an engagement soon. Why, then, would she jeopardize everything by suddenly deciding to take a trip to Cleveland to track down a brother who left the Order years ago? Her family’s faith in God is put to the test as the holiest night of the year approaches and Sarah remains far away. Sarah’s mother, Elizabeth, has been missing her son for such a long time...will she lose her daughter to the English world as well? Or will the Beachy family receive an unexpected Christmas miracle?

Sex, Sin, and Our Selves

Sex, Sin, and Our Selves Author : Anna Fisk
Release : 2014-03-17
Publisher : Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN : 1630872962
File Size : 64.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sex, Sin, and Our Selves brings together readings in feminist theological thought and the literature of the acclaimed contemporary writers Michèle Roberts and Sara Maitland. Through placing theology in conversation with Roberts's and Maitland's literary engagement with issues of religion and gender, this book explores themes of selfhood, connection, sex, sin, and self-sacrifice. In doing so, it challenges a tendency of feminist theology to seek simple and idealized answers, rather than honor complexity and the need to continue to ask questions. In the encounters in feminist theology and contemporary women's writing, Anna Fisk employs autobiographical narrative, critically understood as reading these stories beside my own.

Lady Sarah's Son

Lady Sarah's Son Author : Gayle Wilson
Release : 2011-07-15
Publisher : Harlequin
ISBN : 1459250982
File Size : 55.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Justin Tolbert was a war hero and the new Earl of Wynfield, but he was not the same man Lady Sarah Spense once knew…. Suddenly, too vividly, Sarah remembered the night he had first asked her to dance. The London ballroom had been overcrowded, its heat stifling. Justin had been wearing his uniform, the handsome regimentals setting off the perfection of his strong body and his still-boyish face. She had thought then that there was no man more handsome in the room. She had stepped willingly into his arms, and when the music had begun, she had drifted, following his lead. They had moved together without conscious thought. As if the two of them had been created to dance together…. Would they ever do that again…? Don't miss Gayle Wilson's extraordinary tale!

Selling Sex with Sarah Palin

Selling Sex with Sarah Palin Author : Thomas Chi
Release : 2009-07
Publisher : Thomas Chi
ISBN : 0980086280
File Size : 26.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Sarah's Patchwork

Sarah's Patchwork Author : Stephanie Grace Whitson
Release : 1998-05-19
Publisher : Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN : 141853806X
File Size : 21.50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Book One in the Keepsake Legacies Series Abandoned by their father, Sarah Biddle's life turns around when she and her brother come to Nebraska and meet two amazing woman whose love changes their lives.

Embrace Sin

Embrace Sin Author : Kirk J. Scott
Release : 2008-05-01
Publisher : Xulon Press
ISBN : 1606470124
File Size : 31.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." ."my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Why is it that the reality of the Christian experience seems to be far away from these powerful words? Why do Christians seem to be more stressed out and over-burdened than ever before? Why have we denied ourselves the life that Jesus intended for us all along? How can we find the abundant life that Christ made available to us through His grace? When we embrace our sin we allow the power of that amazing grace to transform us into a new creation that is free to live life to the fullest. Embrace Sin helps Christians discover the abundant life by connecting the reality of our wretched sinful condition with passionate service to our loving and grace-filled Creator.