Chinese Praying Material

Chinese Praying Material
Joss Paper and Chinese praying materials make up a remarkable combination. Joss is a prayer
technique originating from Japan and used in Zen Buddhism and Dogen Zen lineage. Joss is
often called the “Plumber’s Delight”. Joss paper is a translucent prayer mat made from natural
joss leaves and brightly colored acrylics. It can be a wonderful tool for meditation and prayer by
creating an ” altar “out of nothing”.
Joss can be a great addition to any prayer space ç„žæ–™ç”šć“. Joss also allows for the inclusion of prayer
beads. The Joss stick is a special prayer material that works as both a prayer stand and
pendant. Joss sticks are made of natural joss leaves bound together by acrylics. The sticks can
be easily carried with you in your prayer bag or purse.

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Chinese prayer mats come in a variety of colors and styles. They are similar to the Joss
material, but they are also more substantial and can serve a larger purpose. A Chinese prayer
mat is a place where a person can comfortably place their hands to do zazhi or chanting. A
prayer mat is very important to a spiritual practice.
Handprint Pins is a wonderful gift. Handprint Pins is very popular in China. Handprint Pins is a
great way to decorate your home. Handprint Pins is available in many styles. Handprint Pins is
very Chinese and symbolic.
Dragon Papers is another beautiful Joss material. Dragon Forms is often used for Feng Shui.
Dragon forms are wonderful for homes all different sizes. Dragon paper has the ability to
transform a boring flat surface into a stunning work of art. Dragon forms are made from thin
layers of paper glued together. Each layer has a dragon design printed on it in gold or silver.
Chinese Fire Paper is an excellent Chinese prayer and blessing material. Chinese fire paper
comes in many different colors, designs, and patterns. Chinese Fire Paper is great for
decorating your home with. Chinese Fire Paper is very flammable and can be dangerous, so use
it wisely.
Tibetan Buddha figurines are very beautiful pieces. Tibetan Buddha Figurines is using to
decorate prayer halls, altars, meditation areas, and homes. The Buddha is considered the most
powerful being on the earth. It represents enlightenment and cosmic awareness. The symbolism
of the Buddha includes compassion and understanding.
Chinese greens have become very popular over the past few years. Chinese Greens have the
same purpose as any Joss material, they are just not as easily burned. Chinese Greens are
usually made from artificial resins. Chinese Greens are usually made for the west as they are
hard to find.

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Chinese Silver Candles are one of the more popular Joss materials for prayer. Chinese silver is
very valuable and was often given as gifts in the old days. Chinese candles come in all shapes
and sizes and burn down slowly and easily. They are sometimes adorned with the image of
dragons. Chinese candles are a beautiful, easy to use, cheap alternative to real candles.
Chinese Green Salt is another wonderful Joss prayer material that can be found in Joss candle
stores and on line. Chinese green salt comes in different forms. Green material will burn slow

and steady, which makes for a very comfortable source of candle fuel. Chinese green material
can be sprinkled over your food or used to make table salt.
Chinese Silver Coins are beautiful pieces of Joss prayer equipment. These coins look like
regular silver, but they have holes in them. These holes are used to hold fragrant oil and incense
while someone burns a you long for a Joss prayer. Most of these coins have beautiful designs on
them. A Joss coin can be used in many Joss prayer rituals and is also a beautiful decoration for
Joss tables and mantels.
Chinese Green Salt is a wonderful alternative to Chinese green material. Green material burns
down slowly like the Chinese coins and has a beautiful design on it. Some Chinese green
material consists of an animal that is a god of some sort. Each Chinese green prayer wheel is
made up of eighty-three metal parts. Most of these wheels are circular in shape and have two
smaller sides that are both filled with the fragrance of the prayer substance being used. Chinese
prayer wheels are very simple and can be used with any type of Joss prayer, even meditation
prayer wheels.
Chinese Red Clay is considering a better quality than Chinese clay. Chinese prayer wheels
made from red clay do not burn as hot as ones made from Chinese clay. Chinese red clay can
also hold up to eighty three different materials while Chinese clay can only hold twelve. There
are many different types of Chinese prayer wheels to choose from. If you are interested in
purchasing a Joss prayer wheel, Chinese prayer wheels can be purchased online through
Jossart or other Jossart dealer.