Discover The Most Anticipated Smartphones Of 2020

A few years ago, the telephone was something we only used at home. Landlines spread throughout homes on the planet were constantly used to discuss business, talk to friends or even were a way to get in touch with that person, who gave you the number at a party.

These days, no one leaves home without their smartphone . Gone are the days when people used phones to make calls. Today, they are used to access the internet, see social networks and exchange messages via whatsapp, wherever the person is.

Of course, with so many features to be used, smartphones are increasingly outperforming themselves in functionality, design and other specifications. Every year, people are waiting for new releases that are more powerful, more beautiful, more different. And 2020 couldn’t be different. And among the big news for this year are cell phones in the 5G standard. Here are some of the most anticipated smartphones of 2020.

1 – Motorola Razr

This is Motorola’s new folding device. The cell phone is scheduled to hit the world in January. It will feature a folding screen reminiscent of flip phones, which were popular in the 2000s.

The Motorola Razr has a 6.2-inch OLED screen, an external panel with another display for notifications and a fingerprint reader button. It may come at a somewhat high price. Approximately 1,500 dollars, or 6,100 reais.

2 – Surface Duo

With this phone, Microsoft returns to the smartphone market . And he has a very curious proposal. This device is not intended to be a foldable cell phone, but rather one that can be opened like a book.

It has a pair of 5.6-inch display that doubles and gives the possibility of 360 degree movement. And the second screen of the device can be used as a keyboard or joystick for games. Surface Duo may come in as a tablet, but it was introduced as a smartphone. And it will also have support for 5G.

3 – iPhone SE 2

This may not be the most amazing phone of 2020, but it does bring a fresh perspective on Apple’s business model. Some analysts say the company may launch this smartphone in the off-season between its major releases.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple specialist, the company may put on the market a version similar to the iPhone 8, but that will run the A13 Bionic chip that is present in the current generation.

4 – Essential Project Gem

Andy Rubin, CEO of Essential and creator of Android, released a picture of a very different and conceptual device. It’s called the project Gem and it’s pretty out of the way for smartphones today .

On its back it has a popped lens and a digital sensor. And he would have the function of triggering the voice assistant. The goal is for the Gem to be navigated more by the voice system than by movement.

5 – Galaxy Fold 2

Launching this model was complicated. But now it is expected that Samsung should bet on a new user experience. His proposal is similar to Razr’s, that is, to have a horizontal fold. It would then be easier to store when it’s closed.

As expected, the smartphone would have a 6.7-inch screen with two lenses on the outside and one inside. The company may be working to use the 3% Gorilla Glass lens.